You can live in a child-like state of curiosity, playfulness, and awe and still be responsible at the same time! 

Pizza, Periods & Poop! You don’t need more than these three words to know that the guest of this episode has an extraordinary mind. If you happen to be a struggling entrepreneur who is tired of hearing ‘no’, this episode is for you! Bring a piece of paper, a pen, and your A-Game mindset on this ride with Miki Agrawal.

Listen out for:

  • How to create brands that spread like wildfire despite controversy. 
  • The ‘I’m An Asshole’ video that made Miki’s ‘poop’ company go viral.
  • 3 ingredients that help Miki create disruptive businesses. 
  • Perfection vs Iteration. 
  • Miki’s number one advice to entrepreneurs to become fearless.
  • Live bonus Q&A session. 

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In case you want to watch TUSHY’s I’m An Asshole video click on this link!

About Miki Agrawal 

Miki Agrawal is the co-founder of THINX and, start-ups both of which are valued at more than $150 million. She wrote the two best-selling books Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt-Her. Agrawal made the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine in 2016 and INC named her one of the  “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs”. Recently Miki was awarded the best Mindvalley speaker in 2019 and she was also voted the first speaker at Business Chicks.



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