‘You can’t explain a feeling…That’s what VR allows you to do.’

We’re thrilled to present the founder of the VR training company, Vantage Point, onto the Superhumans at Work Podcast. Morgan Mercer is about to give you a reality check regarding what it takes to deliver truly transformational training.

Listen out for:

  • How Virtual Reality could be the key to better sexual harassment training.
  • Morgan’s 3 Step Morning Routine for High Energy that lasts all day.
  • How to shift your mentality to feel more positive about your job during lockdown.

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About Morgan Mercer

Morgan is a product-enthusiast and idealist who founded the Virtual Reality immersive training company Vantage Point in 2017.

After being the victim of workplace sexual violence, Morgan concluded that training aimed at preventing such incidents was ineffective, and decided to take matters into her own hands using VR.

Morgan has been featured in over 60+ Publications, Podcasts, and TV shows including:

Fox News (live), British Vogue, BBC, Bloomberg, The Guardian, WIRED, FastCompany, VentureBeat, LA Mag, La Stampa, Technical.ly, Fortune, The Economist, NPR, and other publications.



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